Seasoned in Social, Strategy, & eCommerce


I'm an artist-at-heart, a nature-head in spirit, and a professional quality-decisions-maker – in all manners of digital design, copywriting, ecommerce, social media, community management, branding strategy, photography, tech support, music production, motoring, meandering, and miscellaneous et als. 


— My first Macintosh in 1994 had Photoshop installed. I have over 15 years of professional experience with Adobe software. 

— As the lead designer and project coordinator for Vintage Print Gallery, my day-to-day activities could range from researching and writing copy for 400 year old antique maps, to setting up long-term branding strategies with major retail partners such as Home Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, One Kings Lane, Wayfair, Amazon, Gilt, and Ballard. 

— I adore both sandwiches and motorcycles. I would happily ride across the country on a motorcycle with a saddlebag full of sandwiches. 

— I love figuring stuff out. I love figuring out how to blow minds with Photoshop wizardry. I love figuring out people and what makes them tick. I love figuring out how machines work, both digital and mechanical. I love figuring out how to communicate better, to make things look better, to make things work better. 

— Due to a tragedy that befell my best friend, I inadvertently run a very popular Facebook community against cruelty toward dogs in law enforcement encounters. 

— I ran a local movie theater for 5 years and worked on some of the last film projectors in use. 

— I've worked as a creative editor with National Geographic Photographer, Robin Schwartz.

*** DID YOU KNOW? Sprezzatura. (n.) The artful non-chalance that actually shows great sophistication of intent.